Your Free Meditation Audio and Mini Course


Below you can download your free meditation audio and minicourse.

This is the culmination of 15 years exploring the mind-body connection  and striving to make the transformational benefits of mindfulness easy for everyone. So lie back, put on your best headphones, and enjoy!

Seven Minute Mindfulness Session 1

Session 1 is a bodyscan meditation, to help you with connect the present moment and relax your mind and body.

Listen with your best headphones for optimal experience, lying down free from distraction.

Listen Online

Filename:  SevenMinuteMindfulness-session1-bodyscan.mp3


I designed this with a friend when she was struggling with raising a young family.

Each day you'll get a short thought to prepare your mind, simple decluttering tasks, and optional reflection questions. 

This can be used by anyone wanting to take small steps which have a powerful effect to cleanse the mind, soul, and spirit
Filename: mind-soul-cleanse-primmymind2019.pdf

Want More?

The full Seven Minute Mindfulness program includes 10 audio sessions, each with a different focus. 

Plus you'll also receive the 7 Minute Mindfulness books... Take a deep dive into mindfulness, the relaxation response, and new ways to not only be "well", but to thrive!

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Be well and kia kaha,
Greg Thurston
"In addition to its calming physical effects, the relaxation response also increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves aches and pains, heightens problem-solving abilities, and boosts motivation and productivity."
- Researcher Lawrence Robinson
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