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This website is dedicated to helping people lift their quality of life with practical wellbeing strategies.
I'm Greg Thurston, and I was born with a club foot and one leg shorter than the other.

This caused massive challenges in my life (physical challenges and psychological). But it also gave me a hunger to overcome, to be well, and to thrive.

This blog is named Prime My Mind  BECAUSE IT ALL BEGINS IN THE MIND...

But I also want to help in real and tangible ways... to share the practices that have transformed my life, and to do whatever I can to live a great life and help others do the same.

Since 2005 I've been exploring the mind-body connection and personal development. I became somewhat obsessed with yoga, meditation, writing, nutrition, and personal development in general.

I created a fast and practical mindfulness program, and you can read my blog and sign up to my email newsletters below.

The goal is to continue improving my quality of life, to share my learnings and help others, and to be a good human being as best I can.


From The Prime My Mind Blog

Journaling exercise for gratitude and mental sharpness

'Morning Mind' Exercise for Gratitude and Mental Sharpness

A triple-whammy exercise for the mind - building mental strength, coordination, memory, and gratitude.


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Immunity Boosting Recipes

Now is a time we all need to boost our immunity, so here are 4 of my favorite recipes to give you a good boost...


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

9 Wellbeing Tips For Coronavirus Quarantine

We don’t have those usual daily routines and release valves like going to work, the gym, or hanging out with friends...

So it’s important we approach the situation proactively...


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance" 

The mindfulness lesson I learned from one of the greatest martial arts teachers of all time, and how we can all apply it in our lives.


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

7 Tips to Super-Charge Creative Thinking

Stuck in a creative rut?

FEAR NOT… Kickstart your brain into action and push the creative thinking process along with these tips. I’m sure one, two, or all of these can give you a shot of creativity.


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Meditation and Language Learning

My experience of feeling overwhelmed while learning Spanish, and how meditation transformed the experience...

Speeding up the process and helping me to feel less like a zombie.

Meditation and language learning - a perfect partnership!


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

5 Minute Breathing Exercise For Sleep

Does this sound familiar?...

You're exhausted. all you need is a good sleep, but the second your head hits the pillow...your mind has other plans.

This calming and relaxing sleep exercise can help!


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

How Relaxation Music Relieves Stress

This is essentially THE REASON that I created this website. Here we delve deep into a topic that has helped thousands of our members.


Train your mind for calm, creativity, and resilience.

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