Eating Garlic for Immunity (without it tasting awful)

It may sound extreme I know, but I eat raw garlic, and it’s not that bad.

This is what I do.

I chop a clove of garlic into small pieces, throw it in a cup, add hot water and honey to take away the taste, then swallow it without chewing.

Sometimes pieces of garlic get stuck in the cup, so I just scoop it up with a teaspoon, put it in my mouth, and chase it with a little more hot water.

What are the health benefits of garlic?

Garlic is known to boost the body’s disease-fighting response, as well as aiding heart health [1, 2, 3, 4].

A multitude of studies have found this (click the numbers below), and it’s been used as an immunity booster for centuries.

Eating raw garlic is particularly useful as, according to researchers, “much of the therapeutic composition of garlic is lost when preparing it with heat.”  Although you want to avoid overconsumption of raw garlic, as this is believed to lead to overkill of normal flora in the gut. [6]

Lately I’ve been looking after kids in Spain (not any more due to lockdown), and with the Coronavirus going around, I take this to give my immunity a good boost.

In the past, I’ve taken this when I was starting to feel sick during the flu season, and it worked wonders for me.


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