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About the author

I started exploring the mind-body connection originally to deal with a physical injury that was ruining my life. 

Over 15 years I experienced transformation after transformation - not only with my physical pain, but also with stress levels, sleep quality, communication, relationships, brain performance, and overall enjoyment of life. 

My journey has taken many twists and turns, exploring the world and developing my knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, pilates, and the science of the mind-body connection.

My aim is to share what I've learned in plain English, and continue growing in a positive direction. If you'd like to learn more, enter your name and email above and I'll send you a free mindfulness relaxation audio track and my free mindfulness minicourse. I'll also add you to my Mindful Living Email Newsletter, which gives you even more tips for living with greater presence, clarity, and joy (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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Greg Thurston
Co-creator of Seven Minute Mindfulness

What People Say About Seven Minute Mindfulness

"I always struggled to commit time to any relaxation programs. I never understood Meditation.

I find it easy to find 7 minutes and look forward to it every day.

My stress levels are down, blood pressure is down, and am finding myself much more optimistic. I am tackling projects I found quite daunting and feeling less overwhelmed overall. I recommend everyone give it a try. Seven minutes well worth spending for yourself."

- Nancy
"I love the audios Greg. I have found they really help with my breathing and I try and do a session twice a day."

- Lynn
"Since beginning Seven Minute Mindfulness I'm learning to let go of the "what if" self talk and focus more on the actual world around me. I feel lighter, more focused, and less anxious. I look forward to continuing this program to see what else I can finally allow myself to do."

- John
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