Free Wealth Awakening Hypnosis Audio

From Greg Thurston, creator of Seven Minute Mindfulness

Happy Friday! 

Today I'm excited to share with a special gift for the weekend. It's a free Wealth Awakening hypnosis audio track from my friend and hypnotherapist Dr Steve G Jones.

In the audio, Dr Steve will guide you into a state of deep meditation, and reinforce messages of abundance to help you create new neural pathways in your mind. This in turn will help you develop a mindset of abundance, so you're prepared to take and create opportunities for your own success.

wealth awakaneing hypnosis download

Get in quick because it's available for free this weekend only!

It's all a part of Dr Steve's upcoming Dream Life Mastery project, which aims to help people uncover their true purpose and create a life to be excited about. I highly recommend you check that out too! 

On the download page you'll also get a free ebook where you can learn more about Dr Steve's background, and his powerful mindset system that has helped his clients to overcome challenges and achieve big goals. 

I've personally had the pleasure to spend time with Dr Steve on a number of occasions, and can attest to his absolute brilliance.

As well as being a clinical hypnotherapist, he’s one of the most sought after success coaches in the world. He has mentored Fortune 500 execs, Actors, Writers, Sports Stars, and regular people like you and me.

I listened to the audio session this morning, and it's very nice! I think I'll listen again tomorrow after Saturday morning yoga.

Enjoy the track, enjoy your breath, and enjoy the weekend. 

Greg Thurston
Creator of Seven Minute Mindfulness
wealth awakaneing hypnosis download
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