Seven Minute Mindfulness Tracks

Train your mind and body to be calmer, more present, and more creative

These tracks are specially designed to help you develop greater mindfulness and thrive, through a range of different mindfulness techniques.

Each audio has a different focus, such as strengthening the mind-body connection,  releasing stress and anxiety, improving concentration, helping you sleep better, releasing negative thought habits, cultivating creativity, and more.

They also come with a 181 book, which further explores mindfulness and different ways to care for our mental and physical wellbeing, and lift our quality and enjoyment of life.

The Track List

Session 1. Body Scan
Connect to the present moment, and systematically relax your mind and body.

Session 2. A Boat Ride of Calm
Engage your imagination and dissolve busy thought trains as you're guided on a beautiful visualization sequence.

Session 3. Three Part Breathing
Based on a powerful yoga breathing technique which increases oxygen supply to the blood.

Session 4. A Calmer Breath Meditation
Train your body for greater calmness.

Session 5. Declutter and Create Space
Let go of the busy world and create mental space.

Session 6. Affirmations to Find Your Calm
This is a great affirmation-based meditation for calm.

Session 7. A Tranquil Journey
Lie back and let the storyline guide your imagination. You'll wake up calm, tranquil, and refreshed after this journey.

Session 8. Turning Anxiety into Love and Joy
This track combines breathing, body awareness, and imagination to help you release anxiety and return to love and joy.

Session 9. Bonus 15-Minute Mind-Body Relaxation Meditation
This bonus 15 minute session is for those times you need a longer and deeper mind-body relaxation.

Session 10. Delta Sleep Meditation Track
Listen to this once you're in bed ready to sleep. Let the track release you from the thoughts of the day and sink you into a deep relaxing sleep.
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