How To Activate Your Natural Relaxation Response In Just 7 Minutes...

Stress less, sleep better, and show up every day as the best version of you!

If you're struggling with an overworked mind OR want a quick routine to live a richer and more rewarding life...

Then I have something to show you...

This is a fast and simple method to...
  • Relax deeply
  • Balance your mind
  • Gain emotional strength
  • Boost your decision making
  • Switch on creativity
  • Be more present
  • Create space for clarity and happiness
I’ve spent 15 years exploring the mind-body connection, and have combined the best bits that worked for myself and others.

As a result I created a method called Seven Minute Mindfulness...

To help people connect with their inner power and flourish, in a way that is EASY and most importantly maintainable (consistency is key to most successes in life).
The program includes unique 7-minute audios which combine powerful relaxation training and mindfulness techniques.

All you need to do is press play, and let the audio sink you into a deep relaxation like you've never known before...

You'll be guided away from the thought processes of your day, releasing tension from your muscles and the thoughts from your mind.

Different tensions are connected to different parts of our bodies: ANGER in the jaw, STRESS in the shoulders and torso, EMOTIONS in the hips. You're going to learn to gently release each.

The program aims to empower you mentally, emotionally, and physically with the tools to take on whatever challenges life throws your way...

It’s Time To Nourish Your Inner World… And Create Space For Energy & Joy!

6 Benefits of Mindfulness and Relaxation Training

Release Stress

Nobody can avoid stress, so right here, right now, let yourself off the hook...

You DON'T need to reach some fairy-tale level of enlightenment where you live in a bubble and are immune to stress...

What you can do however, is quickly come back to balance...

To equip yourself with tools to navigate challenges with confidence, dignity, and grace. To approach life proactively!

Boost Your Focus

In Australian schools, 1 million students practice mindfulness every day in a program run by the government, Deakin University, psychologists, and resilience specialists.

68% of participants report a greater sense of calm, and teachers observed "significant improvements in their concentration after participating in the program."

Simply put, when you create space to untangle thoughts and release tension, you approach life from a MUCH stronger position of clarity.

Care For Longterm Health

According to research by Harvard Medical School, "stress-related health problems account for the third highest health care expenditures."

Researchers found that people who took part in an active relaxation program save on average $2,360 per person. Of course, these are averages. For some people the costs would be lower, for others much higher.

As you may know, a multitude of further research has connected relaxation training with improved immune response and health.

Unleash Creativity

Have you ever felt stuck in a creativity rut? Maybe a decision that you just can't get your head around?

Seven Minute Mindfulness offers a mental reset whenever you need it...

It's like restarting your computer... shutting down the programs that you're not using any more and clearing space for solutions to appear.

Prime Your mind

Scientific research shows that practicing mindfulness can significantly improve healthy brain activity and prefrontal cortex growth - a critical part of the brain for emotional balance and focus.

This is a core focus of the Seven Minute Mindfulness meditations - helping you train your mind to focus on the present (rather than the future).

Doing this will help you be more present for the people who matter in life...

... and set a positive momentum so you can show up and contribute to the world.

Build Resilience

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius famously said “the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

That’s why it’s CRUCIAL to manage anger, doubt, criticism, guilt, and unproductive thought habits which plant roots and can take over.

When you deeply unwind and cultivate mindfulness, you can deal with blockages, manage negative thoughts and emotions, and build resilience to work through the challenges of life.

Hi, I’m Greg Thurston,

in 2007 I was DESPERATE.

I had trouble sleeping, I couldn't relax, and negativity was taking over...

You see, I was born with a few physical problems which caused CONSTANT pain and discomfort. 

It was taking a toll on me not just physically, but MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY as well. I was constantly in a state of struggle.

Today I'm actually grateful for those tough times, because they forced me to seek answers... answers which have not only transformed my life, but also helped many others.

During university I started exploring yoga, meditation, and a few other techniques...

At first they gave me a big shift in my quality of life...

.. my mood lifted, my concentration improved, creativity gushed from my mind... the physical pain even reduced.

BUT... there was a major problem.

As life got busier, keeping up with this routine became a struggle... I'd go for a few weeks meditating and all the rest, but then for one reason or another I would stop.

Sometimes it was because "I didn't have time", sometimes it was "too difficult to sit and focus", and sometimes I'd stop without any reason at all...

Meditation was something I just couldn't stick to consistently, and as a result, I couldn't reap the rewards.

Life became a roller coaster ride... full of ups and and downs and uncertainty.

Then one day, determined to find a better way, I set off to explore the possibilities of what the mind and body can do... And over the next 5 years, the journey took on a life of its own...

I Travelled to Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Brazil and Germany... INHALING every ounce of knowledge about mindfulness, relaxation training, and the mind-body connection.

I investigated TRADITIONAL ZEN PRACTICES and what MODERN SCIENCE knows today about the power of the mind, the body, and the breath.

I started compiling the best and most powerful methods...

Focusing on solutions that are fast, doable for any person, and avoid the roadblocks that knock people off track.

As fortune would have it, I teamed up with an awesome publishing company, and we solidified my learnings into a practical program...

What we developed is a simple method to prime your mind each day...

To be naturally well and prepared to put your best foot forward, so you can flourish in whatever you set your mind to!

And the movement is growing… to date it's been used by over 3000 people!

The goal is to help people be well. Simple.

Today more than ever, we need tools to release stress in a healthy and holistic way, and to build resilience and emotional wellbeing.

If that sounds good to you, then keep reading and see what this can do for you!
What is Seven Minute Mindfulness?
You get 10 mindfulness sessions, each lasting for 7 minutes.

The sessions combine guided mindfulness scripts, imagination prompts, and ultra-relaxation music, delivered in a format that will quickly invoke calmness and leave you prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Listen for just 7 minutes per day, and let the short mindfulness sessions massage your tense mind, release stress, and plant seeds of calm relaxation that help you flourish.

Each consecutive day go deeper. Train the body to be more relaxed, and automatically train yourself to be more mindful.

Although the audio sessions only last for 7 minutes, the payoff continues throughout the day. It's like upgrading your core operating system to be calmer, more present, and more resilient.
You'll also receive the 181 page Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook.

Explore in plain English different mindfulness traditions - from centuries of traditional healing and wellbeing practices, to the radical discoveries of modern science and technology. 

Read case studies from people who have managed different issues through mindfulness, get exercises and tips you can easily incorporate into daily life, and much more. 

Plus, learn about different areas of the body, such as the Limbic System - which controls emotional responses.

Here's what one customer had to say...

"I purchased this program about 1 week ago and have listened to each of the 7 daily audios. I found them very relaxing and the perfect length. (I tend to lose focus with a lot of the long-winded material that most people put out!)"

"I decided to start reading the 181 page manual this morning, and WOW - I finished the whole 181 pages in 1 sitting! It really is brilliant and after reading it I know that I will now get big benefits from my daily 7 minute sessions! Thank you thank you for this awesome program!"
Plus, receive an audiobook version of the guidebook.

Listen and enjoy whenever and where-ever you like...

Listen to the whole thing in one sitting... a chapter each morning while eating breakfast... or any way you like. 

Take an audio tour into mindfulness from around the world and throughout history. There's some theory, a little science, and a lot of practical advice to boost the mind and life.
Plus receive “Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises”, a short reference style book to help you live with greater presence, calm, and joy. 

These are simple tips and exercises to incorporate into daily life, or as a first aid kit if the mind gets weighed down, when a tough decision is needed, or if you feel yourself getting carried away by thought trains that don't help. 

This book compliments the audio program, to help perform at your peak, thrive under pressure, and overcome challenges with greater ease.

What people say about Seven Minute Mindfulness

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.
"My stress level is near zero for the first time in 63 years." 

From: Phyllis
"I have inner peace for the first time in my life. 

I feel a great deal of gratitude. I feel present. I am so much more relaxed and confident. My stress level is near zero for the first time in 63 years. My internal anger is nearly gone. 

I find myself relaxing and going with the flow instead of fighting to control the world. I now know I don't need or want to do that. I feel at peace with myself. 

Thank you Greg!"
"I am sleeping much better, and feel much more calm and relaxed."

From: Jamie
"Thank you so much. I honestly do notice that I am more relaxed and calm since I started this practice. 

It has helped me physically, emotionally and Spiritually. I am so grateful that I decided to try your method. 
I am sleeping much better, and feel much more calm and relaxed. 

I am becoming more mindful of my actions and reactions, and feeling more Spiritually healthy. I cannot tell you how much this simple practice has been helping me!! Thank you , Jamie"
From: David
"After only 8 days, this programme has shifted my perspective and alleviated my stress levels. I feel calmer, my mind is focused and I can concentrate better on my work.

Also, my imagination is refired and this is important to me as a writer. I look forward to more from 7-minute mindfulness.

And, it has improved my recall for my studies. I would not manage without it now."

From: James
"I use your program to get "into the zone" before trading the FX market so I am relaxed, centred but focused :)"
From: Charlene
"Hey, absolutely love Seven Minute Mindfulness.

I was under a lot of stress and I'm seeing a huge improvement in my mood. Thanks for these programmes. :-)
From: Robert
"I found the mindfulness exercises help to get you out of your head and into what is happening presently.

This in turn helps to feel less tense and worried which allows you to enjoy more what you are doing."
"This program has made me reconnect with my true self."

From: Russell
"This program has made me reconnect with my true self. It has also really helped me to get to sleep faster and enjoy my days with a calmer more mindful outlook."
"So simple yet so practicable for daily living."

From: Margaret
"Hi there, I find the mindfulness of the breath very focusing and very peaceful. I use the breath to fall asleep and it always puts me in fairy land.

I am so happy i bought your 7 Minute Mindfulness. So simple yet so practicable for daily living. Margo."
"It fits perfectly any time of the day for a quick 're-centering' break."

From: Olivier
"7 Minutes Mindfulness has a great effect on me, allowing to calm my busy mind and also improve my mood.

It is a great complement to my daily meditation, as it fits perfectly any time of the day for a quick 're-centering' break. Thank you guys!"
"This program has helped me stay on target and the time factor works with my schedule."

From: Richard
"I've tried several programs and I start off with great intentions, but then the time factor and real life set in and I fall away. This program has helped me stay on target and the time factor works with my schedule."
"What a wonderful way to start the day."

From: Rosalyn
"What a wonderful way to start the day. I found myself very calm and centered. It allowed me to stay focused and on track the whole day. Thank you this is great."
From: Wanda
"Thank you for this program as it has helped me to fall asleep fast. I find I am calm."
From: Joy
"I am really enjoying your program. The meditations just strike the right note with me. 

I do feel calmer and more focused after completing a session. As the sessions are 7 minutes it is easy to fit them into the day. 

I think I am definitely less stressed and will continue doing this program."
From: Bronwen
"Thank you, Greg and Scott. Life for me has been extremely stressful in the past few weeks. 

Since using 7-minute Mindfulness it has helped restore a place of calm for me and encouraged me to keep going. Thank you."
From: Stacey
"Love,love,love. Listening each morning makes me feel calmer and at peace. Thank you."
From: James
"Yes it's been helping me get my shit together and stop focusing on all the bad stuff control my feelings and make better decisions. Thanks for the help "
From: Vicki
"These messages were just what I needed to help get me back to a healthy mental outlook. I now feel a hope which I have not felt in many years."
From: Mrs Wilson
From: Sunil
"7 minute mindfulness is simple, easy to understand and practice. It cuts out all the complicated jargon which is peddled in the name of meditation. I have been practicing it for just a few days and find meditation was never easier. Thank you for making meditation simple and within easy grasp of all"
From: Caroline
"I find 7 minute mindfulness very relaxing and calming. It's a great way to start the day!"
From: Lotte
"Just started and very positive so far. Thank you
From: Joel
"My experience has been great thus far. I use it more and more and it dissolves stress away and has helped my focus"
From: Angella
"I have already noticed a decrease in stress levels and am more aware of my "self". The sessions help me to relax and fall asleep much easier. I have also felt much more rested after waking in the morning."
From: Tanya
"i have more concentration and ease in dealing with the pain of arthritis and the fact that it is short makes my life easier"
From: Angela
"I'm not far into the program yet but the fact that the meditations are easy to fit into my days great for me. I need all the calm in the world dealing with my ex and Seven Minute Mindfulness is helping me do that effectively. My son suffers from anxiety and I'm planning to start him on these tracks.
From: Chelvaraj 
"The daily clutter of activities are getting refined. I am able to focus on the priorities with a cooler mind. Thanks for the 7 Minute Mindfulness meditation. "
From: Ronald
"Most times audios of this genre make you listen to an outside source of sound. This audio immediately gives you the feel of the sound coming from within."
From: Santhana
"Made me calmer, more balanced and useful in day to day activities"
From: Miss T.
"So far, this mindfulness programme is very good, it makes me feel more allert,focused on my tasks and I also feel full of energy since I have started using it, I use it as soon as I wake up. Thank you very much."
From: Kendra
"I think Seven Minute Minute Mindfulness is a wonderful program and truly helpful"

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be completely confident in your investment,  so I'm backing it up with a jaw-dropping guarantee.

If you don't experience amazing results from my system within the first sixty days of using it, and if you don't feel like it is worth at least five times the price, I will refund EVERY CENT.

No hassles and no question asked.

My goal is your success. And while I am confident you won't need it, I want you to feel completely comfortable when you get your hands on my powerful mindfulness system.

So, try it out, and if you don't absolutely love it, then simply send me an email and I'll reverse your payment.

That's my promise to you. With my 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, it's a risk free purchase.

5 Reasons Why Ordering Seven Minute Mindfulness Right Now Could Be The BEST Decision You Ever Make…


You can start straight away online, and experience for yourself just how powerful this method is in just a few minutes from now.


You don't need ANY special skills to use Seven Minute Mindfulness.

Simply listen to the "day 1" audio track, and let the audio sink you into a deep relaxation like you've never known before. You'll be guided away from the thought processes of your day. You'll release the tension from your muscles and the thoughts from your mind.

Most people can't even shower and put on clothes in 7 minutes... But you can de-stress, then infuse your mind with calmness, creativity, and power!


This isn't only going to benefit you, no way!...It's going to rub off on the people around you. They'll be infected with your energy. They'll take note of your ability to stay calm, your ability to make the best of every situation. You'll set the positive example.


Imagine it's one year from now.... As you look back over the last twelve months, seeing how good life can be when you have the ability to quickly release stress, get back to balance, and reconnect with your true self.

Taking care of our own wellbeing is the single most powerful investment we can make to help ourselves, our families, and the world. Join now and see for yourself, it may just be the best move you've ever made!


Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll probably feel immediately calmer after listening to the first track. Then as you use the program more, you'll go deeper into relaxation and start to become increasingly mindful in your every day life.

Some people like to only use the tracks and not read the book, which is completely sufficient and will help you, however there is an opportunity to learn more and experience an even greater shift if you do engage with all the resources in the program.

That's completely up to you. Some people listen first thing in the morning as a way to set their day up on the right note, some prefer to listen at night as a way to clear their mind and sink themselves into sleep, some listen in the middle of the day to give themselves a quick re-balancing break. Some even listen multiple times each day. You'll find what works best for you.

The short answer is no you don't. However, to experience the MAXIMUM benefits, it is recommended to make it a daily routine. Consistency is a powerful thing when it comes to mindfulness. With consistent practice you can go deeper, you'll find you are more mindful and all benefits of calmness, creativity, and self-awareness will grow stronger and be more evident in your day to day experience of life the more you practice. In saying that, some people use the tracks as a time-to-time thing, which is completely ok, and will still be extremely beneficial.

No. You have two options - to download the sessions to your computer or device, or to play them from within the members area.

When you click the order button, you'll be directed to the ClickBank® secure checkout page to process your payment. Then you'll return to to setup a login and access your program online. If you ordered the physical version, your order will be forwarded to our printer, Vervante Publishing. Your Seven Minute Mindfulness package will be shipped within 24 hours after purchase and will arrive within 14 days.

We accept returns within 60 days of placing your order. If you ordered online access, you can contact us at If you ordered the physical version, email us at that address, and send your package to: Seven Minute Mindfulness c/o Vervante Returns, 400 North Geneva Road, STE C, Lindon, UT 84042.

All orders will be dispatched within 24 hours and should arrive within 14 days (exceptions over Christmas and holiday periods). Your package will be sent with USPS, and we will send you a shipping notification once your parcel has been dispatched which will contain your tracking information.

For all US orders the shipping and handling costs are $8.25, for all Canadian order $14 and international orders $25.

Thank you for reading! I hope you'll be the next to experience Seven Minute Mindfulness.

Finally, I'd like to leave the last word to researcher Lawrence Robinson, who PERFECTLY describes the power of working with our body's relaxation response...

"In addition to its calming physical effects, the relaxation response also increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves aches and pains, heightens problem-solving abilities, and boosts motivation and productivity."

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