5 Minute Breathing Exercise For Sleep

Does this sound familiar?... You're exhausted. all you need is a good sleep, but the second your head hits the pillow...your mind has other plans. 

It wanders into stories, to-do lists, regrets and projections. Before you know it, your mind is in a frenzy and you just can't slow those racing thoughts. 

As a result, you're sluggish the next day. 3pm rolls around and the tank is empty. Welcome to the vortex of never ending sleep-deprivation. 

Millions of people struggle with unhealthy sleep patterns that effect their productivity and their health. But mindful breathing can make an enormous difference! Try the super simple sleep breathing exercise below and see what it can do for you!
mindfulness sleep exercise
My 5 minute breathing exercise to help you sleep deeply, fast. Full instructions below. 

Instructions: Mindful Sleep Breathing Exercise

Step 1: Close your eyes or relax your gaze on an object in the distance.

Step 2. Place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Feel your body rising and falling as you breathe.

Step 3. Notice your breath. Notice the air flowing through your nostrils.  Is it warm or cold? Do you feel more air coming in the right or left nostril?

Step 4. Imbalanced breathing. After you've tuned into your breath, begin to breathe in to the count of 4. Hold it for 1 second. Then breathe out to the count of 5.

If you like, extend the count.

This imbalanced breathing will slow your thoughts and sink your body into rest. 

Do this for 5 minutes, or until you drift away into a dream.
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  1. I wanna a deep sleep for spiritual emergence. For the good of my innerself and to reach out to others for their spiritual emergence. This is my mission. Send me delta sleep audio please

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