How Relaxation Music Relieves Stress

By Greg Thurston

As a child, you probably listened to lullabies in order to fall asleep.

At an early age, people learn about the power of music. It can indeed soothe us into sleep.

As an adult, listening to lullabies may feel just a little too strange. But relaxation music is a great option to help reduce stress. In fact, research confirms music can have a powerful impact in relaxing the body and mind.

Physiology of relaxation with music

Relaxing music that is slow and quiet can help to reduce the heart rate and pulse.

This happens in part because the calming music helps you to slow down and pace your breathing.

Relaxing music has also been shown to help to lower blood pressure and decrease the level of stress hormones flowing through your body by stimulating the autonomic nervous system.

Music for Brain Wave Synchronization

Research also shows that music can powerfully affect the functioning of the brain. Scientific findings show music at approximately 60 beats per minute can change the frequency of alpha brainwaves.

These alpha brainwaves are present when the mind is relaxed. After an extended period of time listening to relaxing music, the brainwaves may further slow enough to help induce sleep.

Healthy Distraction

Music can also assist with stress management by serving as a healthy distraction for the mind.

It can absorb attention when upset or struggling with negative thoughts. Although the music will only provide a distraction in the moment, the reduction in stress will help you focus more later.

Music for focus during meditation

Just as music can help to distract thoughts, it can also give you something to focus on during meditation.

Many people want to attempt meditation but find themselves battling with the thoughts and noise in their own mind. By listening to music and focusing on the music, many people find it easier to practice the skill of being mindful in the current moment.

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