Mental Skills: My 1 Year Brain Training Experiment

By Greg Thurston

I spent a year working developing my mindset and mental skills alongside my physical training for my sport of choice, squash. Hear what I did and the unexpected results that came with it!

This taught me so much about the power of the mind, and what can result when we actively develop our focus and mental skills.

And it applies to any goal or general personal development… not just sport.

I showed up for every competition game with absolute focus and preparedness. A level of focus like I had previously never experienced... and the results to match.

For me, this experience beautifully highlighted how certain small tweaks to our routine can create an avalanche of positive change... to our experiences of life and the self perpetuating cycle of HOW we approach everything we do.

If you’ve been thinking about using affirmations for sport, or any other brain training, I think my experience can be a great motivating example!

And it doesn’t just apply to sports. This exact mental skills exercise and others similar can be used to boost your performance in all areas of life; from sport to goal setting to job performance.

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Greg Thurston

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