December 19, 2018

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance"

By Greg Thurston

In 2015 I was living in Thailand, and every morning I ate breakfast across the road from this mural of Bruce Lee.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Every morning this idea was planted into my mind.

It’s a beautiful idea, but often so difficult to put into practice.

So, day after day my mind would wander along all the implications and applications of this idea.

And as a result it became a guiding principle for me... to strive to bring actions, communications, and ideas back to simplicity.

And this works perfectly with the principles of mindfulness.

When we practice mindfulness, we actively introduce simplicity, and EVERYTHING changes.

We can release the mental blockages, ruminating thoughts, needless complication, mental projections and limitations that hold us back in life.

We create mental space...

We become self aware...

We can tap into our individual brilliance!

Giving Yourself A Mental Reset

Have you ever had a problem that you just can't get your head around?

Maybe you went for a walk to "clear your head". Then later, the answer appeared.

It's like restarting your computer... shutting down the programs that you're not using and clearing space.

The truth is, taking time to "reset" should be a ROUTINE.

When we make simplicity a core part of our approach to life, it becomes a constant and unlimited source of strength.

Unhelpful thought habits can begin to untangle, and it becomes easier to approach daily life from a position of clarity.

Do you want to add simplicity to your life?

My method has helped hundreds of people to simplify life... as a mental reset and as a morning routine to set a good tone for the day. Click here to try it today!

Greg Thurston.

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